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The doctor and I play backgammon a little more and saw a couple movies, slept while Rose and before I knew the time had passed milkmanbook and it was about 20 00 hours. Steve, who had been watching television, said it would be better to act quickly and the doctor agreed. Steve asked if I go upstairs and always came to the shower and then had a massage mentality with this, and showed me a small bottle of oil looks purple and said it was fantastic things, told me that Amsterdam and he was a good number of the massage. said he had used before and it is very expensive, smells good, makes breasts and pussies are really impressive and, especially, is so far the best lubricant for anal sex and pussy much better than usual KY and other creams, especially if you cum and slippery answer it yet and it is effectively washed by the hour, or until mixture. Obviously, if you are massaging it into a pussy or ass andthen rub behind every cock cum toy or slips like a knife in soft butter, he said. I asked what it was and told me it was basically a mixture of animal fats and vegetable oils, but with a special additive that creates fish reaction with semen. It's great and harmless, he said, is for homosexuals milkmanbook and heterosexuals, women have all the pleasure, but without any discomfort, but is very expensive and must be ordered at the pharmacy and can not, unfortunately, in the prescription, he added . Steve laughed and said he would give a good powder, mixed with oil, as it had a good rest now and should be a raunchy night later, and we'll see how effective the oil is mixed with the semen, and laughing and said. " We are in an hour or so " Rose had just woken up when Steve went to the room, and saw he was playing with him, but immediately stopped when he saw it. He suggested that a shower now, as soon it was time to go, so shitand jumped out of bed and had a shower, waiting, and when he returned he was surprised to see, Steve had undressed and was lying in bed with his cock was hard and there were no towels on the bed, when he said that located on the towels. He hugged him and said he had seen them play with themselves, as he came and told him to continue where milkmanbook they left off, but this time outside the blanket so that he could see. No one had seen before, apart from nature, which made him a little hesitant, but he kissed milkmanbook her and was soon using his fingers to stimulate new and how she approached another orgasm, she stopped and told her to continue what they did. He encouraged more than closed his eyes and imagined that at the table and what would happen, and soon had an orgasm, and I could tell how he began to use his fingers again, feeling the humidity, kissing her and told him what a sexy bitch good she is and how ENJOand later in the evening, as it has hot friends who likes a little sex and great orgasms really hard that he knows that she invited. S it was said that there was an old friend of her and opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled the "rabbit" vibrator, the doctor had used and their use as he watched, and I could feel against her clit and tickling again the first and then began to encourage his great speed, as before. He said he knew he liked and the doctor wants to take home with them and really want to get wet tonight, and bent and sucked her breasts hard, and to maneuver. He spent some time with a vibrator while he kissed, sucked and bit her breasts and she had a strong orgasm a few. then had to rest his back, took the oil bottle from his pocket and massages her breasts with her, and soon were shining everywhere, including her nipples, then lying on his stomach and spread everywhere andSide of her pussy mixed with the moisture of your orgasms. That was in turn in the stomach and milkmanbook massaged the lubricant in the ass all the time, all on the first hole and then her cheeks worked a lot of oil around with their fingers. He surprised his back with lies and sit with her on his cock and felt a little against her anus, where he slipped a little in and feel the rise and reached her, she pushed forward, but I have no complaints at all , and pressed again until he was on the inside to the hilt. has just left there for a minute or two until milkmanbook he was sure he was comfortable, then went up and down his shaft for a while, and suddenly milkmanbook pulled his cock, turned upside down, leaning on his hold and fixed her breasts as she felt his shaft slowly falling back into your return. Then, suddenly got up and grabbed her hair and threw her head back, as he smote Harder more difficult, and she loved him and played with her ​​clit while his cock slid in and out of her ass and begged him to fuck her hard and he insulted her, calling her a bitch dick, and she vowed to return, milkmanbook we soon his cum began to explode from his cock and ass. 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I had it and turned it into the wardrobe mirror sliding door and saw that they are all bright and